Uncover conspiracy of the high ranked staff of the corporation and choose your own way!


Discover deep mysterious game's universe. Are we alone? What is the Terminal System? Who are the Rebels and the Corporation? Find answers on all these questions

Unique style

Inspired by older text-based terminal interfaces, the game puts a refreshing spin on it by incorporating vibrant colors, smooth animations, digital-analog transitions and effects


Play with your friends in a new unique cooperation mode. The multiplayer lobbies support up to 10 people!

100 achievements

Dozens of achievements scaled from very easy to extremely tough for employees that enjoy completing games for 100%
The tough ones are secured meaning no bad employee will be able to hack them using different means, which grants you the true feel of accomplishment

Steam Inventory Service

Vast variety of different things from backgrounds, which you must collect all the pieces to use it to leaderboard entry skins and mods. And different text floppies

Workshop (Coming soon)

Support for custom user-styles, so the players could create own themes and then share them with others!


The game is available in the following languages:

Hardcore gamemodes

Requires ultimate perception and typing skills. Smash sides and input words, but beware of hitting red ignore sides! Also watch for side dimensions and reversed order


Are you tired but you still need to work? Typewriter mode is what you're looking for! The most relaxing mode requires from you only typing words and occasionally in reversed order


Already known mode for Corporation Employee Veterans. It was inherited by newer corporations as the mode proved its reliability. Pure word typing and side smashing